Guido Andrea Longhitano

documentary photographer

The Saint Sebastian Cathedral

By Various Authors, Photos of The Cathedral’s Life by Guido Andrea Longhitano

This book on the San Sebastian Cathedral goes beyond a common image of the cathedral. It is not just a ten-year-old building, with wonderful art and architecture. This book navigates you in the life of the Cathedral, throughout the people that attend its ceremonies. It is the cathedral of Ordinariate of the Armed Forces and the Armed Corps of the Slovak Republic.

Pages: 311
Size: 19,5 x 25 x 2,5 cm
Language: slovak, english, german, italian
Book cover: hard cover

ISBN: 978-80-89261-74-1
Edition: máj 2018
Printed in FINIDR, s.r.o., Český Těšín, CZ