Guido Andrea Longhitano

documentary photographer


Guido Andrea Longhitano is a documentary photographer, born in Rapallo, Italy in 1967. Since 2016, he holds dual, Italian and Slovak, citizenship. After a Law degree from the Uni- versity of Genoa, Italy, and having worked in law firms in Genoa, in the City of London, England, and Sacramento, CA, USA, since 2002, he has been living and working in Slovakia, where he has been Managing Director of two manufacturing companies (STD, a.s. and Expandtech, a.s.).

He’s passionate about photography since he’s thirteen year old. In his aim to contribute to the communities where he lives, he has volunteered as ambulance paramedic, in Italy (re- ceiving gold & silver award medals for his services), and as firefighter, during his perma- nence in California, USA. He is enthusiastic to take new challenges and to keep discovering people and culture in Slovakia.

The author has published 4 documentary books, the first ever published on these subjects since the velvet revolution, books that sold more than 11,000 copies:
Incredible Slovakia – Folklórny festival Slovakia (2012); Hasiči – Firefighters (2013); Polícia na Slovensku – Slovak Police Forces (2016); ABOUT THE FUTURE 51 príbehov žien pre budúcnosť zdravotníctva (2022).

With his photograhs he contributed to the St. Sebastian’s Cathedral book (2018), Mons. František Rábek et al.

He made 3 national photographic calendars. His work was presented at 9 exhibitions and several events in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. His work was shown in several national TV news broadcast.